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Reuters U.S. Treasury backs away from plan for Harriet Tubman on $20 bill next year 22.05.2019 22:43
Reuters The foot soldiers in the Trump-Pence religious health movement 30.05.2019 11:28
Reuters Republican women aim to grow their numbers in U.S. House next year 19.06.2019 10:22
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Cnn Rep. Dan Lipinski's upset has symbolic ramifications for the Democratic caucus 19.03.2020 14:30
Reuters Trump administration moves to end U.S. research using fetal tissue from abortions 05.06.2019 22:35
Euronews Trump becomes first sitting president to attend March for Life rally 24.01.2020 19:31
Cnn Illinois Democrat becomes first House incumbent to lose primary in 2020 18.03.2020 05:17
Cnn 'Game on': Republicans ramp up efforts to restrict abortion in 2020 04.01.2020 12:03
Cnn Colorado will replace Columbus Day with Cabrini Day, the first paid state holiday recognizing a woman in the US 11.03.2020 20:47
Cnn HHS unveils new requirement for abortion coverage payments under Obamacare 20.12.2019 21:15
Cnn Anti-abortion group announces $52 million budget to reelect Trump and anti-abortion Senate majority 18.01.2020 03:22
Cnn Illinois Democrat looks to hold on to House seat amid primary challenge and uncertain coronavirus turnout 17.03.2020 12:07
Cnn How Marie Newman toppled one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in the House 18.03.2020 23:56
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Cnn Two abortion restriction bills that forced tough votes for vulnerable senators fail in the Senate 25.02.2020 21:47
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Cnn Trump to attend anti-abortion March for Life in a presidential first 23.01.2020 01:58
Cnn Trump to become first president to speak at annual anti-abortion March for Life event 24.01.2020 11:01
Cnn These states are strengthening abortion laws even as others dismantle them 22.06.2019 11:51
Cnn A timeline of the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman 10.03.2020 10:12