Hillary Clinton says she will not run for president in 2020 - post was deleted by Scotsman



03.04.2019 09:25

Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, said that she won’t run for president in 2020, but she said: “I’m not running, but I’m going to keep working on and speaking and standing up for what I believe.”

She says, “What’s at stake in our country, the kind of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me.”

She says she has spoken with several of the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, and has told them, “Don’t take anything for granted, even though we have a long list of real problems and broken promises” from the Trump administration.

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  • Jamaliya
    1 год назад

    She's worthy of respect!

  • Jony
    1 год назад

    Why are these loud statements????

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