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06 May 2019, 19:20

Abc13 has been published new details in scandal with Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged Wednesday that his tendency toward physical displays of affection and encouragement has made some women uncomfortable, and he promised to be “much more mindful” of respecting personal space.

“Social norms have begun to change. They’ve shifted,” the 76-year-old Biden said in a cellphone video posted to Twitter . “And the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. And I get it. I get it. I hear what they are saying. I understand.” 

 Shortly after the video was released, a union announced Biden would speak at their conference in Washington on Friday. 

The video was Biden’s first direct comment on what has tripped up his preparations to enter the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign. He did not directly apologize but seemed to be seeking to ease some people’s discomfort, which has raised questions about whether he could wage an effective campaign. 

On Friday, former Nevada politician Lucy Flores wrote in New York Magazine that Biden approached her from behind, touched her shoulders and kissed the back of her head in 2014.

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  • Dennis Awavn
    4 months ago

    Again this scandal, it's time to forget this situation.

  • Pitter
    4 months ago

    So old situation! 2014!

  • Olga Litvin
    4 months ago

    He has her own social norms!

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