The news portal "Miamiherald" deleted article about migrant families and children entering the U.S. from Mexico



17 April 2019 10:06

It began to amaze me that some news portals delete the news! I do not know what the reason for this! 

I noticed that  "Miamiherald" deleted article "Border Patrol orders quick releases of families":

  •      The number of migrant families and children entering the U.S. from Mexico is so high that Border Patrol is immediately releasing them instead of transferring them to the agency responsible for their release, forcing local governments to help coordinate their housing, meals and travel.
  •      "We need to work toward a clean sweep," Border Patrol Deputy Chief of Operations Richard Hudson said in a letter obtained by The Associated Press sent to sector chiefs Thursday. "This should be our daily battle rhythm."
  • Agents are still doing medical screenings and criminal checks, but the decision means thousands of families will be released without first going through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which manages their deportation cases.
  •      The Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley sectors in Texas and the Yuma, Arizona, sector earlier announced that agents would begin to release families on their own recognizance. 

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  • Miley
    9 months ago

    on the one hand - it's a pity for the children, and on the other - I understand that this is not only the fault of the state but also of the citizens themsel

  • successful journalist
    9 months ago

    Oh, I think this is not a good idea!

  • Kelvin
    9 months ago

    it will not lead to anything good!

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