France’s yellow vest protesters march despite bans, injuries



06 May 2019 19:44

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Yellow vest protesters are rallying in France to support an activist injured in a confrontation with police and show they remain mobilised against the government’s economic policies.

The demonstrators remain undeterred by protest bans or repeated injuries during 20 weeks of demonstrations, and are marching again in Paris, Bordeaux, and other cities to keep pressing President Emmanuel Macron to do more to help the working classes, redesign French politics — or step down. 

They are also showing solidarity with Genevieve Legay, a 73-year-old anti-globalisation activist who suffered a head injury in the southern city of Nice last weekend. The chief prosecutor in Nice said a police officer pushed her down.

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  • Dennis Awavn
    8 months ago

    Such situations were held without quarrels and battles

  • Pitter
    8 months ago

    sorry for a woman, but why at this age go to rallies!

  • Olga Litvin
    8 months ago

    How terrible it was!

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