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06 May 2019 18:33

In an interview the president of the United States, Donald Tramp has said his position on the funding of the Olimpian Games.

President Donald Trump has said he is reversing a budget request to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics.

His remarks came a day after education secretary Betsy DeVos was criticised for defending a proposed $17.6m (£13.5m) cut to the organisation, which is designed for disabled children.

The request was included in Mr Trump's $4.75tn federal budget, which was not expected to pass Congress.

The spending plan also included more than $1tn in cuts to the Medicaid health programme for the poor and disabled, while allotting $8.6bn for the US-Mexico border wall.

But the budget proposal is not expected to pass Congress, which must approve it.

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  • Dennis Awavn
    8 months ago

    it is not profitable for him to invest in such things

  • Pitter
    8 months ago

    sorry for athletes, there is very little budget for their development

  • Olga Litvin
    8 months ago

    5 million dollars in federal budget, so funny! rather in his pocket!

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